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Random Pictures

April 22, 2013

I have collected quite a few random pictures from this trip, ranging from mildly amusing to downright bizarre. Enjoy!

At almost all bakeries and 7-Elevens here in Hong Kong you can find pastries with hot dogs in them. Tuna fish buns are also common.

Hot Dog Pastries


This lady was on a Sunday outing with her mother and her daughter. And decided to pull this sweater on for the occasion.


F&#$ you


I guess Brian was dragged onto the hiking trail against his will.


Carved into a rockface along the hiking trail to Mui Wo


In West Kowloon right before the road goes under the harbour to the Hong Kong-side. So many lanes of traffic! I think I counted over 20.


So many lanes!


Bananananananana tree!


Camouflaged bananas


Scrawled onto the seat back of one of the seats on the Lamma Island Ferry. I really don’t think the author knew the real definition of cockblock.


One phone that won’t be ringing off the hook


The tiny alleyway shoe store where I got my disco shoes.


Feet hurt in HK? No problem, there will likely be a shoe store conveniently placed in an alley nearby.


This sign made me giggle.


And cherish I did.


Bamboo scaffolding is still extremely common here. Note the barbed wire wrapped around the first rung to keep people from climbing it for fun.


Bamboo Scaffolding


Such a smart way to reuse an old water jug!


Reduce, reuse, recycle!


Butterflies. I have a feeling they weren’t just keeping each other warm . . .





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