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Island Hopping

April 22, 2013
Lantau Island, Peng Chau, Cheing Chau and Hong Kong Island all located in bottom right to bottom middle of map

Lantau Island, Peng Chau, Cheung Chau and Hong Kong Island all located in bottom right to bottom middle of map

Today Mom and I went island hopping around Hong Kong. We started off on Lantau island where we live and hopped on a little ferry over to Peng Chau.

Kai-to to Peng Chau Ferry

Kai-to to Peng Chau Ferry

It is a really cute and peaceful little island. No cars are allowed on it so it has a real laid back feel. It so small that we walked around half the island in less than an hour. Our walk took us along the northwestern shore and then back to town along a path through huge stands of bamboo. The bamboo makes weird sounds in the wind, we kept thinking there was animals above our heads but it was just the trees making noise. Here are some of the sights we saw:


Beach on the Northern point of Peng Chau


Where boats retire


Gardens and inner island village







Housing in the village. No buildings are taller than 3 stories on the whole island

After our walk around Peng Chau we hopped on another ferry to Cheung Chau. I was thinking that Cheung Chau would be similar to Peng Chau but it was extremely different. Even though there are no cars on this island either it was positively bustling. There were people everywhere along the waterfront, both walking and biking. Unlike Peng Chau that had few shops or restaurants, the whole waterfront of Cheung Chau was filled with them.


Waffle stand. The fish ones are filled with red bean paste. I got the egg waffle, the one that loks like lots of little balls stuck together.


Houses on Cheung Chau


Fishing Boats in Cheung Chau Harbour


Dried seafood is a really popular sight in fishing villages around HK. This is a rack of shrimp, drying on a bicycle.


We had a funny experience in Cheung Chau. While walking by a fish market we stopped to look around. We heard sirens and then looked to the road and saw the fire brigade go by, in minivans and ATVs! The roads here are too small for full sized fire trucks so these pint sized ones are used instead. It was hilarious to see a fully kitted out fireman zipping down the road on an ATV. A Chinese woman beside us thought it was interesting too, so she started taking a video on her camera, and then when the trucks had gone by, Mom and I became the stars of her video. At first we didn’t realize she was taping us because we were remarking about the fire trucks, but them we turned and noticed and the lady then turned and pretend that she was taking a video of the fish. It was kind of funny but we didn’t think much of it. Then 10 minutes later we were further down the street when we turned and the lady was taking a video of us again! I’m not sure why she kept sneaking videos of us, its not like white people are a rarity in Hong Kong. It was certainly strange, but we just laughed it off and continued our tour.


Firefighter on an ATV. Note the little fire extinguisher. Lets hope it wasn’t a big blaze!


Cheung Chau fire engine


After Cheung Chau we hopped on the ferry to Central on Hong Kong Island and hung around the IFC mall for a bit before taking our ferry back home to Lantau Island. It was a great day of island hopping, 4 islands and 4 ferry rides.




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