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Traveling with Dad

April 17, 2013

Traveling with Dad is quite the experience.

Starting at the airport. When I go alone I stand in a big line waiting to check in. With Dad, we walk up to the first class counter, and get our boarding passes within seconds.

Then, waiting for the plane. When I go alone I sit with a bunch of other people waiting at the gate. With Dad, we get entry to the First Class lounge, where we had the most fancy and extensive breakfast buffet. Smoked salmon, dim sum, brie, bacon, aloe vera yogurt, you imagine it they had it.


Breakfast restaurant in the airport lounge


First Class lounge


Then, on the plane. When I fly I’m always in economy, smushed up against other people. With Dad, we got a free upgrade to premium economy so we had first class food, and big seats with ample leg room.


So much leg room!


Then the hotel. When I travel I’m used to the standard hotel with a bed, nightstand, tub/shower. With Dad, we are staying in a super fancy hotel with antique furniture, a marble floored and walled bathroom and a balcony with an ocean view.


Now I could get used to this.


So where am I do you ask?

Penang, Malaysia



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