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Penang: Through Signs

April 17, 2013

I’m still thinking about how to really describe Penang, so for now, here is Penang: Through Signs.

Malay is written in the Latin alphabet, and the words that are derived from English are quite phonetic ie. Pharmacy is written Farmasi



This is also quite phonetic


Not sure why guys would need this as a reference . . .  Brings a whole new meaning to grade 4

Yes, that kind of hardness. I’m sure you can guess grade 4



Needlessly graphic



Further down on the ad they named the foot fungus Eddy



This sums up Penang so well. With a population that is predominantly Chinese, and the most popular religion being Muslim, there is a market for Halal Dim Sum.



A wide variety of toppings



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  1. Karen permalink

    MMmmmmm prego mushroom hotdog!

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